Boost quality overall review


Boost quality overall review

Ive been with boost about 7 years..used them also when the two way communicator phones were out which is great and stupid that someone rebanded the cellular rules and they no longer offer those. Anyway..after being a customer for over 5 years...boost went me a text offer for unlimited usage for 50.00 a month not including tax. Ive been happy with the data since i no longer receive the unfortunate notification about using my dataand how theyre slowing data less than a week into the month which obviously is a ploy to get you to buy data packages!

Well i started using the friggin wifi hot spot on my phone for business purposes and it was great.. Halfway through the month i got a text an email letting me know they were cutting my data to use hotspot! This pisses me off since i really needed it. I was told UNLIMITED data!

I bought the biggest size sim card for my phones since i have 4 lines separately...all of them say that there is tons of space left in the sim cards but the stupid boost phones constantly are slow because the sim cards arent recognized or something.

I have sooo much space but the phones wont bother letting the sim cards do their purpose which is really aggravating..

Im getting tired of constant upsets when im trying to conduct business using my phones! I pay lots of money a month and these phones are supposed to make me money and at times my phones do not ring when people are trying to call me and in the taxi business if the phone doesnt ring you dont make money...! Boost has caused me to lose thousands throught these years im sure!

People have called me right in front of me an my phone did not ring once! These are perfectly good phones why the hell is this happening!?

I never had this issue with metro with data everything always went smooth.

Im ready to drop boost since everything else is failing around me because of the service-!! I cant miss a beat and boost does it to me everytime! Sad to say boost but my respect for you has dwindled
When a company constantly notifies their customers of bad news its showing how much it values them as a cash paying customer!

Phone memories suck
Data speeds suck
Wifi hotspot restricted with unlimited data
Contacted customer care never got a response.

When will this nightmare end!?
I am hoping that boost gets its stuff together because they dont have long until i do!
Thanks and goodluck!
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I appreciate your feedback @Stcloudtransit and I can absolutely see why it's crucial that you get calls when the come in (gotta make that money, right?).  


I'll pass along your feedback regarding the hotspot plan but I have to warn you, even the bigger carriers like our sister Sprint limit hotspot because streaming uses data so much more quickly.  Checking email or viewing webpages from a laptop don't use much data at all. If you're using the hotspot for business, you'll want to be sure that none of your family members or neighbors use it for something like streaming movies or games to a console as those are the biggest data munchers and you'll find yourself out of data pretty quick.


I'll talk to our product folks and see if there's anything we can change or we can ask the manufacturers to change when it comes to moving files to the SD card.  I agree that it's frustrating to have a great phone with a huge SD card but because you can't move things, it doesn't help you maximize your space.


I'm glad you spoke up and I do hope you don't quit.  I can have an agent come in and take a look at the area around you to see if there's a reason why voice calls may not be getting through, if you would like.



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