Boost Cancelled Insurance, I'm So Done!!!


Boost Cancelled Insurance, I'm So Done!!!

I am beyond tired of Boost and their antics!  First, the call center is outsourced to somewhere in India.  Now, my insurance has been cancelled without my consent AND Boost offers no way to reactivate insurance coverage once it has been cancelled!  So, for the sake of my sanity and well being, I NEED MY ACCOUNT NUMBER IMMEDIATELY!!!  I tried to call and speak with an agent, but they couldn't even pronounce my name, much less understand the ENGLISH words coming out of my mouth! 


I will gladly go to Cricket Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Virgin, or any of the other carriers that are in my area!  Boost will no longer receive my money, my new customer recommendations, nor will I ever allow any of my family to utilize such a disgusting and poorly managed cellular provider. 


Re: Boost Cancelled Insurance, I'm So Done!!!

Hello, @byeboost. Please accept our most sincere apologies for this inconvenience. Our customer's satisfaction is our main goal and as a valued customer that you are, we don't want to see you go. Could you please send us a private message to further assist you? We'll be waiting for your response. Remember, we're here to help. -Kira_M.