Bad service on the phone


Bad service on the phone

Nothing but bad service in roaming the second I cross out of my zip code. Took a trip early March had just switched to boost Mobile thinking I was getting a better deal. Boy was I wrong. Not only am I in roaming when I leave my zip code area. I have no data access at all either. I specifically asked the sales rep when switching from metro-pcs to boost if when I traveled from Reno to California or Utah would the service be reliable when I traveled alone and she guaranteed that boost Mobiles coverage was better than METROPCS. Well she's so wrong that I'm seriously considering taking the company to law. I travel for a living and I'm alone most of the time and without phone service I could have serious issues if I were to wreck or break down. Man what was I thinking

Re: Bad service on the phone


So sorry to hear this. To verify if there is coverage in a specific location, please visit:!/coveragemap


- E.J.