Adding lines to family plan and other issues


Adding lines to family plan and other issues

I get this message when I try to add 2 of our friends who are on an existing planning plan of their own however they are restricted to only receiving calls and text in and not making them out. We talked and came to the conclusion we can all save money if we combined their accounts with ours. However when I try i get this
Link creation activity is not allowed for a secondary BAN as a primary BAN. Why is this? They don't have any money in their account and like I said at this moment they are restricted. Can we I invite them to my family plan and them pay the balance due for joining plan?

I also am having issues changing my family plan from an old plan the Unlimited text, calls and 10gb of data for all together $75 I believe. I want to change it from that to your moat recent plan unlimited everything with 8 gb of hotspot data. Which I believe I should have been upgraded to when it first became available And I have not. I also have not received my referral bonus from 3 years ago or my free month for joining a family plan. What's up?
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Re: Adding lines to family plan and other issues

That’s interesting. How about we take a closer look? Remember that all accounts must be on the exact same plan for the family plan to work. Also, the payment towards the secondary lines must also be on the primary line at the time of the linkage. We can take a look at this for you to ensure everything is in order, just send us a private message with the account phone numbers and pins.