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Mon, Jul 9, 2018 11:00 PM


I have had this phone under 1 year, it started draining rapidly and not recognizing the charger when plugged in, Tried another charger...same thing. Tried a factory reset...didn't help ! How do i arrange a repair under warranty ?

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3 y ago

Really sorry to hear about your experience, @Musicman61. We'd be happy to help. The ZTE warranty number is 1-877-817-1759. 


  If you have any other question or concern, just let us know.

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You could check below first:


1. The battery power display problems can be directly shut down and restart, equivalent to data refresh, the general power display will return to normal.

2. To confirm whether the original charger is used, if you do not use the original charger, it is recommended to replace the original charger; if you use the original charger, you can try to replace other chargers to see if you can charge.

3. Poor charger contact, check the charger and socket contact is good, if necessary, you can replace the socket; check the phone charging interface for foreign objects (such as liquid, debris), resulting in poor contact of the charging interface, you can wipe the interface clean.

4. If the charging environment temperature is too high or too low, the mobile phone may exceed or fall below a certain temperature value, and the charging may not be possible. If the temperature is low, it is recommended to charge the phone in a slightly warmer environment, or recharge it after using it for a while.