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Sat, May 12, 2018 1:00 PM


Hello All,

Like many of you, i am receiving duplicate messages and delayed texts for up to 24 hours or more.  Customer Service is useless. They pretend to help by having you TROUBLESHOOT multiple times...being that is the only way to gain access to the Golden Palace that is technical support. Once there, they try to tell you that a ticket was never issued, which is a bunch of lies.. SInce i have been calling back multiple times almost every day.  


Well, on my last call they hung up since i was recording the conversation and they said its against policy,  I called back and they transferred me to ZTE. This is what ZTE said.... 


ZTE stated there are no issues with their phones. The problem in on Boosts end. They have identified the issues as a signaling problem.  The only fix that ZTE offers is to go to the app setting and clear the cache and reset the texting app.  I am on the phone with them now trying to find an answer to my question...what has ZTE done to remedy the problem since Boost is passing the buck and are aware of the problem...They are not looking for the answer.  


ZTE has stated that they are aware of the issue, but like BOOST they could not give specific details other than its a signaling issue with Boost.  


Now, since many of us pay a monthly service fee. We are not receiving the service we are paying for.  If we did not pay our fee they would disconnect service. But they also have a contractual obligation to provide 100% service which they are not.  

I highly recommend that each person experiencing issues with their contact they Department of Consumer Affairs in their State and file a complaint.  Boost is not willing to assist or provide a solution expect for Troubleshooting and entering ##72786#.  

We are consumer and have a right to receive the services being paid for. If not, they owe us our money back or at least be honest with the customer that they are experiencing issues.  


They made me buy a new phone by stating my phone was broke. I bought a new one and the same issues...

I was told to download a new text message app and that would fix the issue,  and guest what!! Everything is the same.  


I would like to know everyone's opinion,,please respond back





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I am trying to get a resolution to the problem, but we have a better chance of being abducted by a space ship. The best think i can recommend is contacting the Department of Consumer Affairs in your State. Then, turn on your local news and contact the reporter that takes care of consumer complaints and hopefully they can find a resolution. 


The sad part is that there is no way to contact Boost Corporate, so the best way is the old fashioned way. Write a letter.


Boost Mobile 8845 Irvine Center Dr Ste 200 Irvine CA 92618-4248



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I've asked for examples and have not received any.  I have received several PMs from @MrGreg414 telling me it does not work, but still no examples.  This is akin to calling your mechanic and saying there is a problem with your car, but you will not let him see it.  We are beating a dead horse here.  So, as a result, I am going to lock this thread, however, if you have the information I have requested, please be sure to send it to me.  As a refresher:


Let's try this again... I recently posted: Shoot me a PM and I will investigate. As I understand you are receiving delayed and duplicate texts, correct? When you PM me, could you please provide date and time of 3 delayed texts and the same for duplicate.s? I can trace those and see if I can find the breakdown. I have received PMs, but only does that said, "IT DOES NOT WORK!" LOL, I know it does not work, I'm trying to fix it. A little background about myself in my former life, I was a device engineer for Sprint/Boost/Virgin. So, I am not asking for info just for the sake of asking, I want to actually trace the messages to see where the breakdown is occurring. Within the network? If so, which network element? Etc.