Sun, Sep 19, 2021 9:41 PM

Verbally Abused at Boost store

Yesterday I went and purchased a new phone with accessories and added a line.  As the clerk was putting the items in my bag he said, "I'm going to put one of these power banks in your bag for him." (The person I was getting the phone for) I said thank you thinking there was a promotion going on. Then he says, " I'm going to go ahead and put one in the bag for you as well." I said thanks again. When he rang me up, the total seemed high, but I know there are a lot of extra fees and it was late in the day. I went home and looked at my receipt to discover he had charged $40.00 for each power bank. He did give me some promotional discounts, however even with that, the total was more than $30.00 of what it should have been based off his price quotes. I tried to explain this to him and he wasn't getting it  (the guy was literally sleeping when I walked in the store). I took out my phone calculator and was adding how much it should have been and told him I felt manipulated into purchasing the phone banks. He got irate and I told him that I just wanted to return the phone banks. He says "Fine, give them here and no refund for phone accessories." I asked him who the manager was and he said that he was the manager. I asked for the regional managers information. He sat a card on the counter, but before that he told me I was being rude and I needed to go back behind the black "social distancing" line so I didn't go back towards him to get the information.  Now the night before when I spent over $200.00 and did a phone plan upgrade I was standing at the counter behind the plexiglass, not behind the line. Once I seen he wasn't going to make things right, I told him forget it and that the universe would pay him back for his manipulation. He then proceeded to tell me I had a bad soul and that I was a trick. I said "excuse me" and then he told me to get out of his store or he would call the police. I told him to call them. He told the police, "there is a lady who won't leave my store, she's white, she's fat and she's ugly. I said some choice words to him after that, of course. But who does that? I sat in my car in the parking lot crying because I was so mad. I did call the Boost customer service number and made a report, but my guess is that nothing will get done about it. So my days with Boost are numbered. I'm going to call his regional manager as well. This manager, Mr. Severn in Springfield, Ohio stole from me and then berated me because he couldn't understand his "mistake." Also, no compensation or credits given from customer service, but to be honest, the money isn't even the issue here. The issues are the manipulation tactic he used to make a sale and the horrible, unacceptable customer service. 

Update: the phone should have been free thru today. So the promotional discounts were for that. 



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