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BOOST MOBILE IS THE WORSE PHONE SERVICE AND PHONE I HAVE EVER HAD!!! Their costumer service is terrible they are no help at all they make it impossible to even get ahold of them you have to go to a boost store because you can never get live people on the phone or live online chat all you ever get is a automated system that is completely useless so you get no help at all. The phone service sucks really bad too I have internet connection issues so I went to a boost store they told me that after monthly data allotment is exceeded, that I'll be reduced down to 2G data speeds for the remainder of the month they told me that the data was too low to even load a webpage but if I need more high-speed data before the month ends, but I can pay a fee to get more data added It's a scam. I shouldn't runout of data and have to pay for more I pay $80.00 a month for unlimited data, talk and text but their UNLIMITED is false advertisment because it's not unlimited, making calls being able to talk when I get a call and being able to connect and connecting to the internet is impossible then they tell me I used all my high speed data but I don't know how when I can never connect usually I have no internet at all. Most of the time I can't make or receive calls it says that it's  not available for voice calls emergency calls only when I do finily get a call to actually connect we can't hear each other can't answer most of the time if we can hear each other it not clear or the call get dropped completely I have incoming calls text messages also very slow. The battery drains way too fast and it takes hours to charge it even dies while it's on the charger on the charger. I been with boost for two months and hardy had any service at all just wasted money they are liars with zero IQ..

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Hi there! Thanks for reaching out to us.  We are sorry to read that you feel that way. To ensure that all our customers have the same level of access to our network, we are reducing data speeds for customers who use more than 35GB of high-speed data in a billing cycle. You still have unlimited data however, you will just experience slower data speeds once you exceed the threshold in your monthly plan period. Connecting to the Internet by using Wi-Fi will preserve your High-Speed data for those times when you are on-the-go. This will also give you the ability to fully enjoy your streaming, games, music, etc as your speeds will match your Internet connection. We send a message when you’ve used 85% of the high-speed data allotment so there won’t be any surprises. If you do experience reduced data speeds, there are versions of Apps that are designed to use less data on a slower connection, such as Google Go or Facebook Lite. Although we don’t directly support these apps at Boost, you may be able to use some of these on your device if it’s compatible. When downloading these applications, you may want to temporarily connect to Wi-fi to ensure an efficient installation process. Are you having any specific error message when you try to use the service? What's the make and model of your phone? To research further, can you send us the cross streets and ZIP code where this occurs? You can also check out our Coverage Map to see what sort of coverage is available in your area: https://www.boostmobile.com/coveragemap_xp.html.

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@Hamilton I had NO internet at all and using wifi is really hard when I use my phone for work doing door dash delivering I need to be able to get online and not take forever to load

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We understand. Are you having any specific error message when you try to use the service?
- EdmundM