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Is there any way to improve 5G?

I'm a new customer. I bought a new "Moto G Stylus 5G" phone from Boost Mobile and signed up with the 60 dollar unlimited data (35 gigabytes a month then it drops down to 2G speeds for the remainder of the month) unlimited talk and text plan with 30 GB mobile hotspot. I've had the service less than one month.

Boost Mobile has stated before 5G went into effect that the new 5G network will have "faster speeds" and a "stronger signal". 5G is really limited by brick buildings! Outside away from the house I can consistently get at the very least 35 mbps download from a speed test and many times I'll get over 150 or around 220 mbps. Fastest download speed outside so far is 293 mbps. Problem is None of that is consistent from one second to the next. I can do internet speed tests back to back and always get vastly different results from one test to another. To me, this is a problem if they cannot even ensure a minimum consistent download speed. I can live with the download speed even if it's as low as 35 mbps at times though I'd like consistency.

My Big problem is Upload speed. I bought the phone and service so I could live stream (to Youtube) my motorcycle adventures while traveling. I thought 5G would be fine for this use. I understand I'll need at least 7 mbps for live streaming. Most articles I read say I should have at least 10 mbps just to be safe. It's almost impossible to get up to 7 mbps upload speed especially that is consistent. Here (at bottom of page) is a screenshot of various times I have tried the test outside. 

You will notice from bottom up, the second time I ran the speed test I did get 7.68 upload speed. As you see, I only got such high upload speeds once. You will also notice the download speeds are not consistent. I have already purchased the most expensive plan so I cannot upgrade the plan that I know of. I would be happy if they could cap the download speed at say 150 mbps instead of going to 293 mbps if they could only guarantee a solid 8 or 10 mbps upload speed. 
NOTE:  I cannot find anywhere on Boost Mobile's site where actual 5G upload speeds are listed even for a minimum! Boost Only speaks in terms of Data for my 35 GB monthly allowance at high speeds and it is understood these are Download speeds. No mention of actual 5G upload speeds at all! I find this very odd. 
Researching into the matter it seems all reputable internet speed testing and tracking companies will tell you Boost Mobile has the lowest least consistent 5G speeds out of all the big carriers. My wife has been with Boost Mobile for many years paying 60 a month for the best plan. When I decided to finally get a phone and plan that I had a use for, she created a family plan for the two of us which brought down our respective monthly fees to 50 dollars each instead of 60 dollars each. 
Now, I don't know what to do. If I leave Boost Mobile her fee will go back up to 60 bucks. I'll still need to find another carrier with better more consistent upload speeds or the phone will be no good to me for the purposes I bought it for. For the sake of my wife's long standing with Boost Mobile and our tight budget, I'm hoping somehow they can boost the upload speed signal to my phone or something.   What options do I have?
Thank you! I'm posting this in Discussion. If I don't get good results talking to the community, I'll repost this under Support. 

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Hey there, John! Thanks for reaching out to us today and bringing this to our attention. We differently want to see what is affecting your upload and download speeds. We will need to get access to your account. Since we are on a digital platform, we have limited access. We ask that you call in. You can reach a live customer care agent at 1 (833)-502-6678. We look forward to hearing from you.
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@CindyA2313​ I will call sometime tomorrow. Thank you.

However, I did not expect tech support to answer me since I specifically posted this to the community forum and not the support forum. If you don't mind, I'd like this post to stay open for a while so I can hear the opinions of the community.