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Impotence in Men: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Impotence in men is the constant inability of the man to get an erection and sustain that erection. The erection should be hard enough to allow the man to have normal intercourse. Some men have serious cases of erection, while others have only occasional impotence cases. The medical term given to such weakness is called erectile dysfunction in males. There are always underlying medical, physical, and emotional causes behind impotence.

The treatment consists of identifying those causes and treating them. The short-term treatment is using erection-boosting medicines. Natural remedies involve a change in diet, exercises, herbs, and rediscovery of intimacy in life with the partner. Cooperation of the partner is also a vital factor, especially in emotional and psychological matters. The first step is to acknowledge the problem, and then seek medical assistance and implement the treatment. It takes time, but you get permanent results.


A man is said to be suffering from impotency when he cannot get an erection consistently. Even with sufficient, such a man fails to get an erection that is hard enough for intercourse. There are two aspects of impotence in men. First, men cannot get an erection, and second, they fail to sustain even the soft erection.


There are two types of impotence cases. First from birth and second in adulthood. The impotence from birth needs medical treatment. It may also involve surgery. But the impotence in men that occurs in adulthood is cured through either treating the underlying cause or by medication. If you are also suffering from impotence, now you don’t have to worry, Buy Levitra 20 mg tablets, (It is more powerful as compared to sildenafil and Cialis) for serious cases of impotence in men.


Causes of impotence in men

The risk of impotence in men increases with age-related health issues. It is not an age-related issue, as several males with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle have a robust erection. But due to the increase with age, several lifestyle issues also emerge, which makes it difficult to sustain an erection.


A survey in the United States revealed that 50 percent of males have some kind of erection issues after 50 years of age. The chances of impotence increases in the 40s, It is also said that less-educated men are more likely to suffer from impotence due to less awareness about health and poor diet choices including drinking more and exercising less.


The physical cause behind impotence in men


Impotence is not a disease in itself. It always has some underlying causes. A man with type 1 or more common type 2 diabetes is more likely to get erection dysfunction than a man without such health issues. The other factors are hypertension, cardiovascular disease, benign prostate enlargement, arthritis, or damage to blood vessels due to excessive drinking and smoking. Impaired blood vessels cannot supply the blood that is needed in the male organ for an erection.


Emotional or psychological issues 


Relationship issues are increasing the risk of temporary impotence in men. Added to it are the uncontrolled stress and anxiety that affect day to day life of a man. Depression is a major issue behind impotence in men in covid times. The loss of jobs, worries about the future, business closures, and mental agony in loss of lives are adversely impacting the intimate life of males.


Performance anxiety is a dominant issue among younger males. The fear of loss of erection during intimate sessions often prevents relaxation of the mind. The fear affects the performance. In case of any negative experience, the chances of experiencing the same in the future create further tension. Often such males suffer from erection issues.


Severe medical cases behind impotence in men


Kidney dialysis, liver issue, heart surgery, or a man emerging from prostate surgery often find erection hard to get by. Joint pains or joint surgery prevent full participation in the intimate session. Long absence from intimate sessions often makes it difficult to get an erection.


Symptoms of impotence in men

First symptoms of loss of erection midway in an intimate session. The second is difficulty in gaining an erection again. Gradually, it becomes difficult to get an erection even when a man is fully aroused. The erection is so soft that it is difficult to complete intercourse. The time may come when even soft erection becomes rare.


Lifestyle issues behind impotence in men


Excess smoking, drinking, drug abuse, or excess use of recreational drugs often lead to impotence. Smoking leads to plaque formation in arteries. The blockage of arteries by a waxy substance formed by nicotine reduces blood flow to and from the heart to the body. Reduced blood flow in the male organ cannot create an erection.


Similarly, alcohol damages the inner lines of blood vessels. Thus supplying less blood to the male organ. Drug abuse and recreational drug initially may give the high, but they eventually destroy the ability to get an erection without using them. This dependency is the first sign of impotence in men.


Treatment options of impotence in men


The treatment is available for almost all cases of erectile dysfunction or impotence in males. Impotence from birth needs medical treatment or surgery. It has no natural remedy or treatment through medication.


But a male who has got impotence in adulthood has increased chances of cure. The cure can be permanent in some cases. Those males who are healthy, medically fit, and have only emotional or psychological issues behind impotence will be first to get cured permanently.


Medications for impotence in men


FDA-approved, medicines are available online in various doses. Consultations with a doctor will help to get the right medicine. The right dose is strong enough to overcome the degree of impotence without enhancing side effects. Levitra 60 mg is often suggested by doctors to overcome higher degrees of erection difficulties. Males can prefer any brand or generic version of the same brand, but dose strength needs to be confirmed in consultations with a doctor.


Nature remedies


Experts recommend a healthy balanced diet, consisting of vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and nuts to cure erections weakness naturally. Fruits such as pomegranate, watermelon, berries bananas, etc. increase blood circulation in the body. The nitrate in pomegranate, watermelon, and berries gets converted into nitric oxide in blood vessels. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels, which makes blood flow towards the male organ for an erection. The blood is drawn towards the male organ when a man is aroused.


Spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, beetroot, drumsticks, and leafy green vegetables are suggested by experts for a healthy erection. Natural remedies involve exercises, yoga (bridge pose, cobra pose, bow pose or plow pose, etc.), and meditation to relax the mind. Natural remedies work for mid-aged males, younger males, and males with moderate erection weakness.


Inflatable implants for impotence in men


Inflatable implants are the last option for seniors who fail to get an erection cure from other means. It is the surgical implantation of inflatable rods on either side of the male organ. However, the treatment is complicated, as any defect leads to a second surgery, which may damage the erection ability permanently.


Plasma therapy


Plasm therapy is using platelet-rich plasma blood from the man to rejuvenate the muscles of the male organ. The therapy is successful and gives a natural erection ability for 6 months to a year. Other treatment options are injection, vacuum tubes, and shock wave therapy. Lifestyle changes with a healthy diet and increasing intimacy with the partner helps to get the intimacy back in life to a greater extent.




Impotence in men has some underlying causes. Lifestyle issues are also behind impotence in men at a younger age. However, treatment options are increasing in recent years. Consultation with a doctor will help to get the best therapy for regaining erection.


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