Thu, Jul 22, 2021 4:25 AM

How do I get the epin already a customer just want to enroll and switch over plan

How do I get an epin card number fir boost? I’m already a customer. Been approved for EBB fir 3 weeks now. Getting run around. Finally told I need to go to a store to enroll. But I still don’t have this epin?


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5 d ago

I in meantime if bill being due yesterday. I’ve been shut off and also no extensions to turn on 1 or 2 days. Until I can straighten out EBB issue and enroll. I have credit in my account thought I can possibly start new plan with out paying another bill. No not at all no extensions. No leeway or compassion. Worst customer service ever worst business practices and awful people skills. I was so thrown back by no help. I called a big reputable company contract co. And got approved signed up. My sim is in mail and no charge for anythibg service activating ebb program and or deposits. I unlocked my phone myself boost wouldn’t even though I’ve been with them 15 months so as of tonarriw my ported number is owned by T-Mobile and $10.00 a month total bill . And they bill me after the month. Awesome change snd better solutions take that how’s that for ducking me around so long!?? Hope they like that maybe enough quit they’ll change their practices ???