Mon, Apr 12, 2021 10:11 PM

Constant loss of service

Its in the title


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1 m ago

HI there! Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this. Please provide us with more details so we can assist you.

Is the issue affecting only the calls? The internet?
- Reinhardt_S

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Your outages have been going on for almost two months, DAILY. Its time to start crediting peoples accounts if your team hasn't found a resolution yet. If I'm without service for up to three hours a day maybe its time I switch providers. I can't even go out of town on vacation and get reliable service even in areas where Boost claims to have service and authorized dealers because I'm not in my home network, I shouldn't be confined to just my local area

Boost Care


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Understood. We have credited your account for $90 for 27 days without service that we have registered in system. - Boost_MasielQ