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Tue, Nov 23, 2021 12:51 AM

Cancelled phone number out of the BLUE

I've been notified that Boost mobile canceled my phone number without any prior notice or incidences to provoke such a move. They claimed that after 8 years of being a loyal customer, I violated the terms by "making and receiving too many calls" "making and receiving too many texts and having conference calls (on this year of COVID and quarantine mind you) Is this not what I was paying a monthly bill use their claim of "Unlimited text and talk" Beware users,.you may wake up one day and find your whole phone number has been swiped out from under you!!

Boost Care


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2 m ago

@Marchbaby  Hello! We understand your frustration. We have our Unreasonable Use policy in place so we can offer reliable service at a reasonable cost. Extremely high usage impacts network resources and also interferes with other customers' usage. 

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2 m ago

Nothing in your response makes sense to a paying customer utilizing your clearly advertised offer..

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23 d ago

..and once again..out of the blue , after they offered a new phone and service with 6months paid..they"ve once again..suspended service. Cant wait to see what I'm told now....