Wed, Sep 15, 2021 3:48 PM

Boost rendered my phone inoperable by adding my Galaxy S10 to the 5g expanded network

I haven't had phone service since Saturday September 4, 2021. I called customer service to activate my daughter's replacement phone which had nothing to do with my phone. The customer service representative put the sim information from my daughter's phone which is 5G compatible into my S10 Galaxy which is not compatible on 5G and they have a big notice saying if you put an S10 series Galaxy on the 5G network it will render it useless. My daughter then started receiving all of my text messages. In the meantime I lost service, was removed from my family plan account, then told IT would have to fix it and they would get to me by Tuesday September 7, 2021. I never heard from them I messaged customer support. September 8, 2021 I was told the only way to fix the problem was by getting a new phone and boost was not going to provide a phone for me even though it was their employee that rendered my phone unusable. It's even locked to the carrier so I can't switch to a new carrier with my S10 Galaxy. I was forced to use a boost up to purchase a phone in order to have phone service. I'm still waiting for that phone to arrive. I am beyond irritated that Boost Mobile caused my phone to be useless on their network and in order to fix it I had to give Boost Mobile money. I didn't even get a discount on my new phone. I used a boost up that was already provided for me before this even happened. Can someone from Boost Mobile please tell me why this is good business for your customers? 


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9 d ago

They did the same exact thing to me with my phone and I had to buy a new one after one of their employees locked my phone . I've had nothing but problems with boost ever since . I've been with them for years but I'm looking to switch to a new carrier.