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Tue, Jul 20, 2021 9:49 PM

AT&T Network Services Agreement

Effective July 19, 2021, DISH signed a transformative, long-term strategic Network Services Agreement with AT&T, that will make AT&T the primary network service provider for current and future Boost Mobile customers.


Will this affect my service?

You will not experience any immediate changes to your Boost Mobile service or plan 


Will this affect my coverage? 

You will have access to the best-in-class coverage and connectivity on AT&T's wireless network, in addition to the new DISH 5G network.



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1 m ago

When because I cant even call or text 911, fire or any other emergency services. I've lost 100's of income due to no one being able to get through whether calling or texting? Service was bad before this fraudulent expandednet we work but I could make/receive calls/texts. Now, nothing. And there's no wifi calling or texting. I really hope thus doesn't cause a loss of anyone's life who has upgraded the sim card and now has no reception at all.

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Hello Luke! We totally understand your frustration with the situation. We would be happy to look into this further! We will mark your message private so we can gather information to look up your account. Please reply back to your message with your phone number and 4 digit pin. 

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1 m ago

We can’t guarantee the security of your AT&T Account, the internet, any third party-services you may choose to use or interact with through the services we provide, or any third-party devices or equipment you may choose to use to access our services. Please be careful with your personal information and online safety.



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1 m ago

I was under the impression that AT&T’s network had better reliability. After the SIM change my service has declined. The network is spotty and simply streaming music is now an issue with it cutting out continuously. When I leave boost I will be sure not to go to at&t if that is the case. Dissatisfied and disappointed!!!

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you are on the t mobile network if you switched to the new sim card att hasnt went into effect yet when it does you will have to switch your sim card again and then you will be on att and in my opinion att is way better than t mobile