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Fri, Aug 11, 2017 2:00 PM

What is an Accepted Solution?

Chances are, you first came to the Virgin Mobile Community looking for assistance or discussions around your VMU services and products. Checking out discussions marked 'SOLVED' is a great place to start. Each solved thread has the best answer neatly linked in the original post for your convenience.

You can find accepted solutions in a few ways.

- From the Search bar: look for matching search queries with a green check mark next to them:A-S in Search.jpg


- From a Category (i.e. Android Devices): look for a green corner with a check mark:

A-S in Category.jpg

If you didn't find the help you needed through a search and had to start a thread, that's ok.  We hope you received assistance.  If you did, please take a moment to use the Accepted as Solution button in the bottom right corner of the post.


Marking threads with Accepted Solutions is part of being a good Community Citizen.  It tells the next member who has the same question you "HERE'S YOUR ANSWER!"  It also gives a little boost to your status on Community as well as the person who helped you, as your earn badges and move up through the ranks.

Be a Community All Star!  Look for Accepted Solutions before creating new discussions and be sure to use the Accept as Solution button whenever you receive the help you needed.

EDIT - Here are some great examples:

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