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Mon, Nov 23, 2020 4:00 AM

I need to close my community account

I can't find a way to delete this account. I was forced to sign up to this community because someone else had used my email address to associate with their Boost account. I live in the UK, not the US, so there's no point in my having this and I also have concerns around data protection, privacy and data sharing in a company whose data protection policies are not built around the EU GDPR.


Please can someone tell me how this community account can be closed and how I can ensure that any associated personal data have been securely deleted?

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1 y ago

Hi! Thanks for reaching out to us. We want to do our best to help. Please send us a private message for further assistance. To send a private message, go to the user profile by clicking on the username and click on "Send this user a Private Message". Thank you. ~AmyM25