Sun, Aug 1, 2021 11:41 AM

Anyone else having problems with new 5g/expanded netowrk?

I received my new card & Boost helped me put it in & activate it but I've had nothing but trouble since. I'm fine when I'm at home on my wifi but whenever I'm at work I get little to no data signal. I can make calls & get texts but I can barely get on the internet. I've called Boost support twice & have really gotten no help, just the same answer & that's to wait till the end of July cause they're still working in the tower in that area. How long am I supposed to wait? It's been almost a month now that I've had very little signal whenever I'm at work. I thought maybe phone wasn't compatible with the new card, I have a Samsung Galaxy A20, but they said it was. I'd thought about getting a new phone from Boost but not if I'm gonna have these issues. Anyone else having these problems?


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1 m ago

my old phone is at death's door so I ordered a new one. It's the Samsung Galaxy A02. It arrived last Sunday.

It's been days and the phone is still not connected to the network. I'm not sure why it's taking so long.

I did talk to the very nice Boost people on the phone. 

They said it was an issue with upgrading the network. And while I'm not a person that gets a lot of phone calls, it's rather annoying knowing I can't get some use out of this new phone yet.

What is the problem with this network?

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@cecilia-fx I know, the issues I've been having really makes me wanna switch to another provider. Problem is, Boost is very reasonable on pricing. I'm only paying $34/mo for unlimited talk & text & 10gb of data. I did have unlimited everything for $50/mo but I realized when I wasn't using wifi I wasn't using much data so I switched. If you can't connect like you're supposed to be able to then it's still pointless 

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well, I'm in a chat with what I hope is a real person and maybe they can get my phone connected to the network