Mon, Nov 15, 2021 4:19 AM

Possible a Samsung Galaxy S10E is 'locked'?


Decided to upgrade to a new phone. The 'old' phone is an immaculate Samsung galxy S10E that i purchased 2 years ago. put it in a case and added a screen protector from day one. Once I switched to the new phone I did the following:

Reset the phone to default factory settings (wiping it in the process)

Removed the SIM and tossed it, since the SIM itself was old

packed it nice, etc. etc.

Phone is not tied to my account, doesn't show up in my plan or anything.

Put it on eBay, advertised it was for Boostmobile and that the next owner would need a new SIM card.

Been about a week and then I'm hearing they can't find a store with a free 5G sim that Boostmobile said people could get wasn't possible. They had none, furthermore the purchaser was told the phone was 'old' and they should upgrade in order to work with the cell towers--The S10E is 4G, it was purchased specifically because of that feature. Spare 5G sims can be purchased off of eBay, no problem, and I'm assisting. I'm also hearing now the phone is 'locked', which makes no sense because the purchaser is also a Boostmobile member. They were told by the BM affiliate to call Boost. Wth?

At this point I feel like the local BM affiliates are at least half the problem, since in their mind the phone wasn't purchased from them why would they care. But from a technical standpoint is there something else that could've been missed? Is this a common occurrence?

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2 m ago

The phone is probably locked to the old (Sprint) SIM.  And in order for the new ('expanded data network') SIM to work, the phone has to be unlocked.  This is a known issue with the Samsung S10e as well as with other older Samsung phones.  (I have a S10e and have experienced the issues first hand.  Boostmobile has been telling S10e owners that we had to buy new phones but that isn't true.)

I don't know if the phone can be unlocked without having the old SIM. 

I suggest posting this issue on Reddit.  There are some very knowledgeable people there who may be able to help.  Good luck!

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2 m ago

It wasn't a Sprint SIM. It was from Boostmobile. Not ruling it out as an issue, with my luck the old SIM is somehow still the issue. never had this kind of problem before, though.