Wed, Oct 27, 2021 3:38 PM

Get a 5G sim card but the Sim Card is not Formatted???

Most of you have probably received the text to upgrade your sim card due to the 3G network shutting down in the next few months. Boost is not communicating that you may need a 5G phone in order for the "new" sim card to work. I have a iPhone 7+. My phone says "Sim card not formatted." I know that I have an older model phone, but it worked fine until this sim card upgrade. I was told 10/22/21 that there would be a solution within 48-72 hours and someone would contact me. 10/25/21 no one contacted me just for me to contact Boost again and have my case escalated again and I was told that I would be contacted in 48 hours. 10/27/21 contacted Boost again because of course no one contacted me yet. I was told for the third time my case has been escalated and they are sorry for the inconvenience. I have not had phone service for a week now. This is my business phone! If I need to have a 5G phone at this point Boost needs to provide it to me at no cost due to the false promotion of upgrading to 5G with just a sim card. I should be compensated for my lost of service and time since I handle a lot of financial transactions on my phone. They probably won't since they don't care. This company sucks as far as customer service is concerned. My advice to anyone looking to update your sim card is don't do it unless you are certain that the phone and new sim card are compatible. Something Boost mobile did not communicate. 

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2 m ago

I've had the the exact same issue. Except my phone is an Iphone 6 Plus. Haven't had a phone for a week. Asked them to unlock the phone so I could take it to another carrier, but they said it would take about 48 hours. Which may be the same tactic they used with the original problem of the sim card not supported issue. I most likely will end up moving my 4 phone lines to another carrier and may have to buy a new phone for this one in case they don't unlock it.

By the way, I asked them to revert the sim card to the old one which was working fine in order to have a phone, but they said they couldn't.