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Wed, Apr 14, 2021 7:29 PM

Charged Data to Remove App?


Why am I being charged data to remove/delete an app? The FAQ'S recommend that we do this, see citation below. Secondly I'm noticing in the app column "5 digit apps", and in the last billing cycle these "5 digit apps" accounted for close to 2 GB of data, and the "Removed Apps" 4.97 GB of data!

I'm trying to monitor my data usage as closely as possible, and I'm being charged for data that can't be explained! I'm attaching a screenshot of each.

" Uninstall unused applications.

It’s recommended that you uninstall unused applications when possible. It helps free up internal memory and can improve device performance.Note: Your phone comes with some pre-installed applications that you can't uninstall"


Boost Care


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1 m ago

Hi! We are sorry to know this is happening. You could try to uninstall the apps while on Airplane mode. This way no data would be used. 

- AmyM25

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That's okay, because I'm working my issues/concerns through the Dish Network corporate ladder, and the great customer care you have shown me!

Thank you so much for treating me like a loyal customer, 3 years and I have purchased two phones via Boost Up, and you know, I could've easily gone somewhere else!

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You're a great disservice to Boost Mobile, and if you know anything about customer retention - you're going to continue to see a dip in customers!

Who is your supervisor?

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Victor 21

I'm attaching a link to the company "Dish Network", whom owns Boost Mobile, and this wasn't the greatest deal made, but Dish Network is losing wireless customer's in the thousands already, and I don't think they'll appreciate you shagging away more customers!


Fourth quarter results released Monday show Dish lost 363,000 net retail wireless subscribers. That follows third quarter losses of 212,000. In Q4 churn climbed to 4.88%"