Wed, Jun 30, 2021 10:58 PM

Boost Changed Hotspot Data

So Boost just randomly changed how they calculate how your data is used? Now it draws from your mobile data, were any customers told there would be a change? I've been using boost for 2 years now after being forced to switch when they merged with Virgin and have never had my data being drawn thru my mobile data. If I went over on my phone data my hotspot would just slow down. This double usage just started recently with no warning or heads up that they were basically cutting 30gbs out out of our plans and keeping it the same price. Having an affordable hotspot was the only thing that kept me using boost for so long and the only thing boost had to make a desirable carrier in a sea of no contract carriers. just hate I already paid for this months service before I realized the change or I would have already switched to another carrier, boost is shady and decided the loyalty of their existing customers didn't matter. At first I thought I had my bit rate too high on videos (which is another false advertisement, they say you get "Optimized HD streaming" you don't) last month and burned thru my data. But boost just "casually" changing our plans explains it. What were you thinking Boost?? That people wouldn't notice their getting half the data they used too?? 


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