Wed, Jul 7, 2021 10:53 PM

Anyone switched from Mint Mobile?

Has anyone here switched from Mint Mobile to Boost?  I am having a hard time deciding which carrier to choose.  Any advice appreciated.  :)


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2 m ago

i am in the same boat , i cant stand verizon service in my area ,and at&t is good but their towers suck , and mint is from at&t so if u live in the country part of your town it probably wont work ,mvno sometime dont pick up signal in the country ,now tracfone does which is weird , and boost does on some areas ,tip buy cheap phones that way if something goes wrong poof u didnt waste money 

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2 m ago

I'm leaning towards trying that as I can get service for 3 phones for less than the price I'm paying for one boost phone.  And given the lack of support I'm getting from boost, mint is looking better and better every day.