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Tue, Feb 21, 2017 2:00 PM

View messages from one the lines in my family plan

How can i retrieve the messages from one of my phones in my family plan?


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4 y ago

You can view the numbers that phone has texted as well as the date and times of texts sent by selecting that phone number and viewing Texts in the Service&Usage tab.  Contents of text messages aren't stored or available.  There are apps you can download to keep track of texts coming and going from devices on your account.  Start with a Google search and look for those that are very highly rated,

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4 y ago

What if you are not the primary account holder and don't have the pin code. Is there any way to get the call or text log?

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Hi immaculatehabit. Thank you for contacting us. For you to access to an account and check the information of that specific account, is necessary to have the pin number to access to it.