Sat, Nov 27, 2021 4:25 AM

Resolution: Can't send MMS messages

A week ago, I brought my Samsung Galaxy A51 to Boost. After inserting my new sim card and activating, I was unable to send pictures, mms text or group text messages. After a week of this, I contacted customer support, after completing several troubleshooting techniques none worked, I was then transfered to another agent for further assistance. The agent did some research and tells me there is a known issue with a tower in my area and that Boost is aware of the issue and is attempting to get it resolved. I really did not buy this as the reason so I messed around with my phone more. I thought maybe it is the text messaging app that was originally installed on my phone. I decided to download the Samsung Messaging App set it as my default and immediately was able to send pictures in text, mms text and group text. If you are having the same issue, try using a different text message app! Hope this is helpful. 

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