Mon, Apr 5, 2021 4:44 AM

MMS not working

Hi guys, just changed recently from Telstra to Boost.  After a hectic 48 hours where they forgot to port my number first and then finally got it working after 2.5 days of no phone.  I just found out that i cant send or receive any MMS.  Has anyone else experience the same problem.  I have been on the web chat and phone with them for the last 2 days but it seems all it does is it gets escalated but no one calls back or tell me to do exactly the same thing as the previous advisor.  I feel like a parrot by repeating all the stuff to about 10 different people trying to solve 1 simple issue.  I even have advisors telling me that Boost dont support MMS to i dont have enough credit to make a MMS msg even though i am on the unlimited plan.......lol

Thanks guys in advance for your help


Boost Care


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Hi there! We see that you're from Australia. This community page only offers support for Boost mobile USA. Even though we share the same name, we operate as separate companies. You can get help for Boost Mobile Australia accessing their website

- EdmundM