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Fri, Sep 3, 2021 9:43 PM

2 questions that have nothing to do with each otjer

I have talked to customer support on both issues and have gotten no where, both on the phone and with chat agents.

Why is the number 3608429999 showing on my on line call activity as a out going call multiple times a day for months now? My phone call log doesnt show it and I have never called it. It shows multiple times a day at various times and each one of them is only a minute long. What is this about? Why is it happening?

My 2nd question is why am I getting this error message when trying to send a text message " Sorry, this service is not available." I only get this error when trying to send 1 number a text the rest are working fine! Im also not receiving any messages from that same number. We had been texting back and forth for awile, but now can not. Ive checked my phone for updates, have rebooted it, i have deleted the contact and tried that way. 


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22 d ago

Hi Alicia! Thanks for contacting us. Any incoming calls sent to voicemail will be logged in the Call History as an Outgoing call from this number. It will only show in online history, you won't see this on your phone. In regards to your other issue, please call us at 1-866-402-7366 or chat with us on to troubleshoot the issue, as we don't have access to tools to troubleshoot the issue.

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22 d ago

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quick that is amazing Okay I just want to make sure I got this correctly it is and incoming call that sent to voicemail but shows up on the online account as an outgoing call Is that correct and on the other issue I have spoke to customer service over the phone and in the chats I usually like doing the chat messages I think it's a lot easier However the chat agents you guys have are quick to disconnect from the conversation 9 times out of 10 are very rude not very knowledgeable I've never had this problem with any other chat agents and I'm not trying to be hateful or be down on you I'm just telling you my experiences which is why I've turned to this discussion board because I've gotten absolutely nowhere with the chat agents or The phone agents You just answered a question for me in a remarkable speed what time very thankful for that I have been trying to figure out for the past four to five months and couldn't get anywhere with them. So thank you so much you have no idea how much I appreciate it you just made my week! However I do not feel like being put on hold 4 30 minutes just to be talk to you like I'm stupid, and then told I need to contact someone else cuz that's what happens every time.