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Sat, Nov 16, 2019 10:00 AM

Where else can i get a Galaxy note 8 used? online ordering for Boost WON'T work

i have tried over and over and once somehow even called and talked to a LIVE person.. trying to order the renewed note 8. WON'T work. Something with their credit card processing system won't work for me. But it's the same card i use to pay my bill online so not sure what's going on. I can order on Amazon but want to make sure phone will WORK with Boost. Help?

(and when I spoke the the live person ONCE.. they said my bank is denying the charge but it's not the bank it's boost's system that's kicking it back)


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1 y ago

Hi there! Is the billing address of the card that you're using the same as the shipping address where you intend to send it?