Mon, Mar 1, 2021 9:49 AM

Unlock sim code so I can use my metropcs account

I bought this  boost phone from someone they took the sim card out and told me I could use my own sim card from MetroPCS. Well I installed  my sim card and called MetroPCS to get the phone activated  with my sim card and phone number. Now this stupid boost phone saying invalid sim card and its a new metropcs sim card. Been with messing with this phone for 3 weeks now. This phone asking for the sim card number,phone number,and pin like I should know that. Just need this phone unlocked and the sim thing unlocked because I'm paid for my phone bill that I have not been using


Boost Care


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1 m ago

Hi there! In order to be eligible to be unlocked, a Boost Mobile phone must have been used on a Boost Mobile account for at least 12 months having active service. The person requesting the phone to be unlocked must have the information for the account where it was used for 12 months. If the phone was used for 12 months by the previous owner, you'd need them to provide the phone number and PIN so we can submit your unlock request. If they prefer not to share that information with you, you can then have them contact us to request the unlock. They would need the MEID of the phone when they contact us. Let us know if there is anything else that we can do for you.
- EdmundM