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Tue, Feb 23, 2021 2:53 PM

Suddenly my SIM card is Locked and Telling me to contact Sprint

I have a Galaxy S8 and suddently this morning my SIM card is locked and my device is locked. I'm getting a message "Please contact Sprint to unlock your device". 

What is going on and yes i restarted and shut down. 

No I have not removed the SIM card because I would need to unseal the adhesive to get inside the phone. 

I need an answer ASAP !! 


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2 m ago

Same issue here.  I am in Delaware right now and my phone (Samsung Galaxy S8), my wife's phone, and my daughter's phone have all received the same messages and have stopped working.  No data connection for phone and texting and no internet connection.

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The said to remove the SIM cards and clean them with a soft cloth - the sim card tray is in the top left of the phone - use an earring and paper clip to pop it out. 

After i restarted my phone I updated my profile and PRL profile under settings to make sure it worked okay.  

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I think the issue is more than that.  I only say that because it happened to all three of my family's phones at the same exact time.  It has to be an issue with the network.  I did remove my SIM card and cleaned it.  I also switched to auto mode for the network.  It seems to be working for now. 

Thank you for your reply.

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I agree it's something they did. Last month I kept getting my own messages sent back as attachments - unknown attachment messages and they had me switch from 4G. They did something. 

Your welcome - if I could save one person from the 30 minute chat torture I had.