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Wed, Sep 12, 2018 9:00 AM

Screen cracked...not told to "register" liquid screen protector...Boost you just lost a customer

When I purchased my Samsung 8 phone December 2017, I purchased the liquid screen protector and had the employee at the store apply it so that it was done correctly. They never told me that it had to be "registered." So when I dropped and cracked my phone this morning I took it in to the store and they told me there was nothing that could be done because it wasn't registered. Well hold on a second. If you don't notify the customer that something needs to be registered for it to be effective than how are we supposed to know? The employees were pretty rude and said the only option I had was to pay the $175 deductible and get a new phone. They said there was no way to have the liquid protector cover the deductible because it wasn't registered (once again, never told this). I can't even upgrade to new phone because I am still paying on this one. I think this may be the end of my account with Boost. There are many other companies now with similar pricing and better customer service. I may not be able to get a new phone through you, but I sure can get one elsewhere.


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