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Sat, Feb 23, 2019 1:00 PM

Samsung Galaxy S10+

Any word on whether the S10+ is going to be compatible or will be I getting a new carrier as well as a new phone?


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2 y ago

No word on this yet, Monsae, but stay tuned to our site for updates on this.

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2 y ago

You've got a bunch of people wanting this new phone, and wanting to get it while the promotional sale is available. Boost needs to make an announcement instead of having their agents say, "I don't know, and I don't know if I'll know any time soon." This is terrible business and I've been with Boost for over 5 years and I can finally afford a nice phone, but nobody knows if I'll be able to use it with ya'll. I know that I will be buying a Samsung Galaxy S10+ before this promotion ends, and if I can't use it by the time the phone gets to me, I will be switching carriers. And I think quite a few people will be the same way, because, I love this carrier, I love the ease. But I'm not wanting to compromise the quality of my technology that I'm paying hundreds of dollars to get.

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2 y ago

I am in complete agreement here. I will wait a few more days for an announcement, however I will be ordering this phone before the preorder promotion ends. I am really sad to think I will have to leave Boost Mobile just to have this phone, but what did the company really expect? I've waited long enough for this release.

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2 y ago

Still waiting for an update, Boost.