Sat, Apr 3, 2021 10:40 AM

How to clean up my gallery?

So in Samsung Gallery we have 2 main sections. A "Pictures" and an "Album".

Now, the pictures section has all the media stored on my phone. While the album section only has a few ( Eg: "Camera" and "Screenshots" etc etc).

I want my "Pictures" section to only consist of all my "Camera" shots and videos while all the other images and videos get stored in different albums automatically (for eg an album called "Whatsapp Images" starts storing all the images I recieve on whatsapp while it doesn't appear in the "Pictures" section).essay writer

Is there a way to go about this?

Also does anyone know how to contact samsung to give them suggestions?


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11 d ago

Hi there! The Pictures section shows a generalized view with the media in your phone's default directories. Within the albums section, you can see each folder separately. The pictures section can not be changed. The pictures taken with your phone's camera can be found on the "Camera" album. The "Whatsapp images" folder is not default, and is created when you install Whatsapp, hence why they don't show up in the "Pictures" section. Hope this helps!
- EdmundM