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Sat, Dec 15, 2018 6:00 PM

Hotspot has degraded service

I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge and the $60 a month unlimited text/talk/data with 20GB of Hotspot data plan


Yesterday I was experiencing issues with my service, I could call just fine and my signal was nearly full LTE but social media apps would not load. I could call and text but data was not usable. It was very foggy so I equated it to bad weather and decided to wait.


Today it had some issues despite no fog but it did start working normally for the most part besides not being able to use the hotspot as I normally do. I usually activate the Hotspot and connect to it with my Playstation 4 but the Hotspot is not offering a good enough connection to do anything. This has now been the 2nd time where my service was interrupted and last time it took far too long to be resolved, I hope someone can help me or at the very least give me some compensation for not being able to use the service I paid for.


I've tried factory resetting provisions. Updating PRL and Updating Profile (neither of which would Update till after a few attempts).




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2 y ago

Looks like my service is back to just talk and text. I can no longer use social media apps. Please someone help.

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2 y ago

Hello, Mikee. We're sorry to hear you're having problems with your service. Let's get this thing figured out. Can you send us a private message with your phone number, pin code, and complete address where this occurs?