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Wed, Apr 18, 2018 4:00 AM

Galaxy S7 Oreo update??

When will S7 get Oreo update and will my phone get it as I have a S7 I brought over from Sprint?


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Boost Care


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3 y ago

Hi digermania!


Samsung had revealed that an Android Oreo OTA update was in the testing phase with a tentative launch expected on April 13. As always, the roll-out will be incremental in nature and not all users will get it in one go. The update will be released in a phased manner and Boost will definitely be among the carriers to get Android Oreo on the Galaxy S7 series. Please stay tuned!



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3 y ago

Oreo update for S7 is offically out. My S7 edge on the "V" network just updated. Sprint/Boost shouldn't be to far behind.