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Sun, Nov 3, 2019 11:00 AM

Activation Error A10e



I activated my phone on August 29, 2019.


I am now getting a notice that my phone needs to be activated and that my Samsung account cannot be authenticated. I cannot make calls, receive texts, or sign online to Athens Samsung network or WIFI. I have called customer service on October 31, 2019 and received instruction to turn off the WIFI and then hit ##72786#. I followed the prompts and allowed it to do its thing and received an error code of 6. I tried do the IMEI number on the Boost web site and it said my device was ineligible for swapping.


i have a difficult time using my phone because I have auditory processing disorder. I am in desperate need of a working phone because I need to leave messages for the doctors office and pharmacies.




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a year ago

We understand your frustration, themadpoet82, & we apologize for the inconvenience! We value your privacy and security. Due to the nature of your concern, we would like to authenticate your account, but for us to do this in a secure way we need to take this to a private channel where we can discuss private account information. Please send us a private message along with your phone number, the PIN and a brief description of your request. To send a private message, click on any of the social care agents user names and select the option send this user a private message.