Thu, Sep 23, 2021 9:15 PM

Tried to upgrade network and now cell isn't working

I went to my local boost mobile to get a new sim card to upgrade my Samsung s10e to the newest network. The person inserted a new sim card and my cell and it did not work. He calls and they tell him that my cell is not compatible (IT JUST CAME OUT LAST YEAR!!!!) So the person put back my old sim card and they told him they couldn't go back to my old service and now I'm screwed because I have no service. The person didn't even know this information until he had called boost. You guys screwed me over and now I have a 800 dollar useless cellphone.


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19 d ago

Same here. I just finished paying off my s10e two months ago. And now I can't use my phone for anything but calls & texts. Talked to several Boost representatives and not one of them told me that my phone was no longer compatible with their network. I had to go to an actual store to find this out. Boost doesn't give a damn about their customers. This has been a complete waste of money. I'd rather cut my losses and go to another carrier than to keepgetting mistreated. I absolutely hate Boost and hope the whole company goes under.

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19 d ago

I have a S10e and starting having 'data' issues (can only access the internet with wifi and can't send/receive MMS messages) within the last few days.  I was told by CS that my phone wasn't compatible with the expanded data network so they won't send me a new sim.  They claimed that my problem was due to tower issues and had me connect with 3G as a temporary workaround.  Now I have data again but it is slower than LTE/4G.  I'm supposed to contact them again in 24-48 hours to see if my tower issues have been resolved.

There are several other S10e owners that are having the same 'data' problem.  Some problems are being resolved by getting a new sim.  See the post entitled "Can't use internet after last upgrade 8/1/21" as an example.  The new sim is working on some S10e phones.

I'm confused.  Perhaps it depends on our geographical location?  (I'm near San Francisco, CA)

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@BellasMomToo The in-store Boost rep told me the SIM cards would not work on s10e. He said it hasn't worked on anyone's phone yet that came in his store. He showed me on his system that their network will not work on any Samsung device under an s20. You'll have to buy another phone that supports their network.  But it really doesn't matter anyway, I'm going to a different carrier. I've been disappointed in Boost since I got here last year. Good luck with everything!

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@BellasMomToo  well I live in south Carolina and am having the exact same problem as you so it probably has less to do with geographical location and more to do with boost just sucking lol. I'm just glad my phones unlocked so I can switch service without having to buy a whole new phone like a lot of people will have to do

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@kimplicity6 funny though that Boost is still selling phones under S20. Makes a person wonder if they are knowingly selling these phones that are not going to be compatible to the Network. smh

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15 d ago

Same thing and they won't unlock it exec tho I own it so I can go elsewhere