Tue, Jul 20, 2021 8:39 AM

Things about the Galaxy M30s

Hello People,

since yesterday i have Problems with my Galaxy M30s. It freezed and bootlooped yesterday around 20 Minutes. Even after a Factory Reset it still freezed sometimes. (im talking about before i even put other apps than the pre-inshttps://xender.vip/ talled ones).

Am i the only one with that problem? Now its running fine without any crashes for 3 hours. But im honestly not sure what to do. I was contacting the support since i still have 3 months warranty but i dont know what to do. Since its working okay for 3 hours. Im worried when i send them the phone and it will work in thhttps://nox.tips/ at time that they wont take my problem as serious.

Im running Android 11 with the latest possible Updates.


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