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Tue, Mar 6, 2018 2:00 PM

Start here for Samsung Galaxy S9/9+ FAQS

We've compiled a few of the more common questions asked about the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

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Q: Will Boost Mobile be carrying the Samsung Galaxy S9?

A: Yes!  Starting March 16, 2018 customers can order a Samsung Galaxy S9 from


Q: What color will Boost Mobile carry?

A: Boost Mobile will carry the Samsung Galaxy S9 in black.  Customers may be able to purchase and activate a Galaxy S9 Special Edition (factory unlocked) version in another color and activate it on Boost after 3/16/18.  Once you've received your device, you may contact Boost Mobile for assistance with activation.


Q: Will Boost Mobile carry the Samsung Galaxy S9+?

A:  We won't carry the Galaxy S9+ at launch, however, customers can purchase and activate a Special Edition (factory unlocked) S9+ from Samsung and activate it on Boost.  Once you receive the unlocked device, you may contact Boost Mobile to obtain a compatible SIM, order one from our Bring Your Phone page, visit a Boost location, or selected Walmart, Target and Best Buy locations.


Q:  Can I buy a Samsung Galaxy S9 on payments?

A:  Eligible customers may be able to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S9 through BoostUP!  This program allows qualified customers to purchase a device on installments.  Get more information about BoostUP on our support page.  Samsung also has an installment purchase program for qualified buyers on their website.


Q: Can an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ add the Todo Mexico(International Roaming) Addon?

A:  Updated:  No, unfortunately, unlocked/BYOD devices are not eligible for the Todo Mexico Addon.  You can add International Dialing and Texting in order to make calls and send SMS from the US to customers in other countries.  Great news, Boost Fam!  Unlocked or Special Edition versions of the S9 and S9+ will have access to Todo Mexico addon giving you roaming permissions while in Mexico!




Orders are not yet being accepted for the Samsung Galaxy S9. These FAQs will apply once we have begun accepting orders on 3/16/18

Q:  I tried ordering a new phone but I'm getting a message about my shipping address, what's going on?

A:  Your account billing address must match the shipping address of your order as well as the billing address of your credit card in order to complete an order.


Q:  I selected expedited shipping for my order.  Does that mean I'm guaranteed to get the phone tomorrow?

A:  Expedited shipping allows us to send your phone to you by the fastest carrier method available.  Before that can happen, though, the order does have to go through several verification steps.  For this reason, we're not able to guarantee a device will be received on a specific date.


Q: How can I track my order?

A:  Once you've successfully ordered your phone, you can track it's progress on our Order Support page


Q:  If you run out of phones will you be able to tell me when you are going to get more?

A:  Unfortunately, we're not notified when new inventory arrives. For best results, keep checking the Shop section of or contact your local Boost Mobile store.

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Boost Care


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We're glad that we could help! Thank you for choosing Boost Mobile.

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Hello, you would first need to purchase the Boost Mobile Sim Card Kit.  It can be purchase at Best Buy for about $10.  Then you can get it activated online by clicking on Activate a Device.  You would need to enter your phone's IMEI.  You can find the number by entering   *#06#  .  This will tell you which is the correct sim card to use with your device.  After you put in the new sim card, power on your phone and your almost done with activation.  

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Hello, you can purchase the Boost Mobile Sim Card Kit from Best Buy for about $10.  It's very easy to install and set up.  I just got my new Galaxy S9+ activated and the phone is awesome.

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Hello, you can purchase the Boost Mobile Sim Card Kit at Best Buy for about $10.  The sim was very easy to install.  I just got my Samsung Galaxy S9+ activated today and the phone is great.

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Can someone help, I just purchased the Galaxy S9Plus from Bestbuy which says it's compatabile with the prepaid carrier Boost Mobile. I've been on the phone with Boost 3 times for today as well as Bestbuy, no success. I've also been to 2 Boost mobile stores and still no success. I've been with Boost for the past 5 years with a decent plan and do not wish to change carrier. I've seen quite a few success stories and hoping that I could be included in the numbers. Thanks.

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Hello @Casey758. We'll be more than happy to assist you! Would you please send us a private message with the device IMEI, so we can further assist you? 


Note: For you to send a me a Private Message only need to click on my username, which will take to my profile, once you're there on the right side of the screen you will see the option to send me a Message.



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Hello. I purchased an unlocked Samsung S9+ and switched my service over to Boost. I am a new customer and have not been able to receive picture messages nor send them. It says that they are downloading but they never download. My entire phone was factory reset and I lost a lot of pictures and information just to have the phone still not work. I took it upon myself to read up and find settings that I was able to update in order to even get LTE services initially. I had to program my own phone. Please assist with programming for picture messages. 

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Are you connected to wifi while attempting to send and receive MMS?