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Fri, Mar 8, 2019 8:00 PM

SM-G955U1 S8 plus

SM-G955U1 Bought a unlocked s8+ I check sprint and it works with there service but I can’t get it to work with boost mobile I don’t understand why if it’s unlocked for any company do I have to get a request from boost mobile to active the phone on boost mobile network it’s unlocked for any carrier I had an iPhone X that’s had the same problem and the guy at boost mobile was able to push it through and get me on the network it’s was also a unlocked phone I like the boost mobile service in my area and I get good signal and good data speed would be nice to be able to swap my iPhone X and stay on the boost mobile network it’s not that expensive and good service


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2 y ago

Hi there! Unfortunately, certain unlocked phones may not be compatible with us. In order to verify if an unlocked phone is compatible, you can use our device identifier online here.