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Samsung 575 -- white display screen (former Virgin Mobile Customer)

Hello -- hope someone can assist me.  I purchased this phone approx. 9 years go.  Working just fine up until a few days ago.  This Samsung 575 is an original Virgin Mobile phone -- now part of Boost.  This isn't a smart phone (more old-school style), however, it served my needs (mostly for work -- just for calls and texts).  I had just finished texting someone, and the slider keyboard seemed stuck when trying to close it.  It seemed caught and after several tries, I had to push hard in closing it.  In doing this, the door/battery in back popped out.  The phone's display screen went white.  It is staying a white screen, and it won't turn off (must remove battery to do so).  The phone rings when you call the number, however, the screen stays white, and I cannot do anything including not being able to answer the phone.   Is anyone familiar with this issue?  Can it be fixed?  I realize it's an old phone, however, it worked just fine up until the above incident.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!


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Hi, Autumn08! This is seems like a device related issue. As the device is out of warranty, do you have insurance on the device? - Boost_MasielQ

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Thanks for responding.  No insurance, but that's fine.  I'd pay for it to be fixed, but I wasn't sure if it was fixable.  I'd love to access old texts (just for some work info).  I'd like to retrieve some things from phone.  I see all these "white screen" issues online (how to videos) -- people say it's easy to fix this supposedly common samsung problem.  I was just wondering if my problem is relative to the white screen problem.  I guess I will just have to take it someplace to have it looked at.  I'm not in the market to replace this phone just yet, but if the fix costs more than a new phone for my simple needs then I'll have to replace and take the loss on my stuff on there.