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Sat, Jul 18, 2020 11:00 AM

Having an awful experience with your services

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S20 three months ago. It was just after the business settled out after Virgin Mobile folded into Boost. I bought it online because it was quite an upgrade from what I had, and the website said it would come ready to use. Boost made me upgrade to a 5G phone plan that was almost double what I was paying. My phone never got above a 3G signal despite working in a major city that is covered by 5G, according to the map. I could get a 4G LTE signal with my last phone, and even the glorified flip phone I had before that did 4G. Now, a top of the line phone can't get more than 3G. So, I finally took the time to track down what to do about this. I called the customer service line, and "Mike" said I just needed to go in and adjust the settings to join a 5G network. I did this and the phone would not get any service. I called back and "Aaron" said I had a 4G sim card. He sounded pretty incredulous at this but said that's what it was. I would find a white sim card if I looked, and I needed a gray one, according to him. He said I could go to any Walmart and they could fix it. So, I went to my friendly neighborhood Walmart and was told in a pretty disrespectful and condescending way that they don't do that at Walmarts and that I needed to find a store on my own. Fortunately, there was one nearby. However, I am a human and need to sleep and do other things, so  I called it a day. I did check the sim card, and it was white after all. So, I go to the Boost store this morning and the clerk there swapped out sim cards and...nothing. He explained there are different networks and these phones come set up for the old, non-5G network. He called his help line and the rep proceeded to say the phone isn't 5G compatible. So...wait. What? I'm looking right at the store display for this phone saying it's 5G. She didn't believe me. I told her the website (your website) said it was 5G compatible. She said she'd check herself. I got frustrated with her and asked her if this was all a lie and she wouldn't answer me. The clerk in the store tried another card and it still wouldn't read your sim card. He also said he can't easily put my phone back on the network it was on for...reasons. He called the Samsung line and now I have to send my expensive phone that worked this morning in to get worked on because it is now a phone that does not work after a visit to your shop.


So...we have some problems in our relationship. How do you sell people 5G phones on a 5G plan that aren't set up for 5G? Why isn't it clear, whether it be the website or the packaging of the phone, that we have to take it in to get it switched between networks? Why don't your service reps know their own products? How many people are paying for service they aren't receiving? Is this an active swindle, or do you just need to work on your messaging?


You only still have my business because it could be my phone that is the problem. If it doesn't fire up quickly on 5G after I get it back from Samsung, I'm done with your service. I'm willing to give you one more trip to your store, but if Samsung says it's fine and it takes more than a few minutes to ensure it's good, I'm out and my wife will be out. However, I think you should know what my experience has been. It has been thoroughly disappointing trying to even get to the point where we discovered it might be my phone, which I will reiterate worked before I went to your store. You have been more than happy to take my money for services you have not provided, so I at least expect you to read this.



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I had a s9plus that worked on network it broke got a refurbished as insurance replacement after they switched to extended. I spent weeks trying to get it activated 4 sim cards later got it working but only has 3g now. I also had a lg stylo 3 as spare still activated on boost s9plus will not get more than 3g my stylo3 gets lte and is now back to being my main phone because it still has original sim card from when new years ago so now I use my stylo for hot spot to use fancy 800 dollar phone wtf

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So sorry to hear about this experience, @rfmas. We want to help! We value your privacy and security. Due to the nature of your concern, we would like to authenticate your account, but for us to do this in a secure way we need to take this to a private channel where we can discuss private account information. Please send us a private message along with your phone number, the PIN and a brief description of your request. To send a private message, click on any of the social care agents user names and select the option send this user a private message.