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Do you guys have the Samsung galaxy a71 and second if not how would I get one because I really want it’s and if I order on line will I be able to activate to my account and I really don’t want to change carriers because I’ve have had boost since I was a junior in high school but if there isn’t any way it’s fine I’ll pick something else

but my other question is how can I see the phones you have in store to online just wondering 


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1 m ago

Hello, Thomas_cochran18. Thanks for reaching out to us. At the moment, Boost Mobile does not have the Samsung Galaxy A71 on sale. On the other hand, due to the plethora of variables pertaining the manufacturing and programming of phones, it is currently not possible for us to determine whether a device is compatible with our network or not without the use of its IMEI number. You can check the cellphones we have available online using the following link: https://www.boostmobile.com/phones?intnav=TopMobileNav:QuickLinks:Phones&sortBy=featured.
- RossyC