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Wed, Dec 5, 2018 12:00 PM

Galaxy J7 Refine Signal Problems

Mom has been having this problem where she does get calls and texts but whenever she is in a call and leans down or moves around, the person on the other end say it sounds all muffled and distorted, sometimes the sound straight out just cuts, I tested it and sure enough, when mom is talking and she leans down it just cuts and it sounds like cloth is on the mic until the audio just cuts.

This has to be a phone problem she has already switched the previous phone but the new one has the same problem and she is thinking on returning it I just wanted to know of there is a fix or if people are aware of this.

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3 y ago

Really sorry to hear that, Espinoza_j25. Let’s do some investigating. Can you please send us the cross streets and ZIP code where this occurs? How long has she been experiencing this issue? How many signal bars does her phone usually have?

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1 y ago

I consistantly miss calls with no missed call notifications. I travel the state and my husband, daughter and boss call and I don't get a call or missed call. They show me their call logs yet the calls don't come through. I've already spoken to boost, they are in denial

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Sorry to hear that, Mindy521. Can you send us a private message so we can investigate? 

Boost Care


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Hi there Mandy521. This is due to the Leap day of today the 29th. You are able to go to settings> Date and time, and make the adjustments manually. Everything will go back to normal tomorrow on the first.

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Don't know how to send private message. The main issue now s the date is wrong on my J7 refine using automatic date/time. Just started yesterday, along with many other people apparently. I called Boost and they had me update my profile, did not work.

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Oh, that's cool. 😀