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Mon, Apr 23, 2018 2:00 PM

Can't activate galaxy s8.

I recently purchased a pre-owned galaxy s8 through and got it in the mail today. When I went to activate it, it didn't work and when I contacted boost support, I was told the phone couldn't be activated because it was STILL active through sprint. We contacted sprint and sprint said that it wasn't active on their end. We've talked to what feels like 50 different people and no one has helped us yet and we keep getting transferred to people that just transfer us to other people. I don't want a refund. I really love this phone so far and would love for it just get figured out so I can use it. Worst case scenario I wouldn't mind a refund as long as it means I get the same phone for the same price as I can't see myself with anything else after playing with the s8 for a little bit. Really just want to feel like someone is TRYING to help me instead of giving me unreasonable suggestions like wait 1-2 weeks for a refund and hope I can still find my device on sale :(. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.


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3 y ago

Sorry to read that you’ve been experiencing this issue, @Shanehallberg! Please, send us a private message with the following information:


1. Name and last name.
2. Full address, including zip code.
3. MEID/DEC number and UICC/SIM card number of the Boost Mobile phone that you would like to activate.
4. Price plan that you would like to have with Boost Mobile.
5. 4 Digit PIN that you would like to have with Boost Mobile of the device.