Fri, Apr 9, 2021 12:17 PM

Almost Ready to Convert to Samsung

Thinking about going for the s21. There's a promo deal and I can nearly get the s21 regular for trading in my Oneplus 7T Pro for FREE. I love my 7t, but was thinking to part ways with it.essay writer

The s21 seems to be better in 3 categories: 5g capability, newness, and 120hz. Possibly camera.

7t Pro has better display, battery and charging.

Should I go for the s21 regular or perhaps wait? I've no experience regarding whether or not the s21 series are a good series compared to say, the s20.

Thoughts on my predicament? I could use some advice!



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1 m ago

Hi! Thanks for reaching out to us. We are glad to assist you. We cannot guarantee that the S21 will work with our service. 

- AmyM25