Mon, Jul 19, 2021 6:52 AM

wiko fone connects to hotpot but not intenet

i had one of those wiko free fones a while back, and i just recently found it buried in my room. curiosity got the best of me so i plugged it in and sure enough, it has all the info i would need to recover several of my lost accounts,including a gmail and a mistplay account, both of which seriously set me back when i lost them. anyway,after setting up my much newer and frankly more advanced fone with mobile hotspot, i am now able to use my laptop just fine on the hotspot, but the wiko still says connected with no internet. ive tried disabling the laptop, thinking it might be absorbing the connection, but to no overall affect.. anyone out there able to help?


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2 m ago

Hello John! You can get support for the Wiko phone here: https://world.wikomobile.com/faq-0-frequently-asked-questions