Wed, Nov 24, 2021 9:51 PM

What is the the Unreasonable Use section and where is it?

I have been a customer with Boost Mobile for the past 10 years, with the same phone number. Last week my phone got cut off(in a middle of a phone call nonetheless) and all of a sudden the number is no longer in service. After long hours of being on the phone with customer support, being transferred from one agent to the other; I finally learned that my account has been deactivated for "network violations". After waiting another hour to find out what were these "violations", I learned they were the "unreasonable use section". My account has been deactivated because of "Unusually high numbers of sent or received messages" and "Multiple long calls"... ISNT THAT WHY I GOT THE SERVICE PLAN? To speak on my phone?? 

Im so confused at these terms and conditions, and I am searching the Boost Mobile website up and down to see find the "unreasonable section" and where does it say I cannot make long phone calls. Because this is ridiculous, without a warning you guys obliterate my number which is basically my life???? 

I need to see this section, because I was not aware I couldn't make phone calls that were long. I will sue, report this to any social media network, anything for this injustice. 

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2 m ago

This just happened to me today just paid my bill no solutions

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Contact your carrier. Calls, texts, and voicemail, is not a boost issue usually  unless you owe Boost Money.