Wed, Jul 21, 2021 3:31 PM

Voicemail rings busy

Family plan 2 phones both Samsung S8 on the nationwide (old) network.  For about a week now we can't call each others voicemail it just gives a busy signal.  Boost users can't leave us voicemail either.  Our voicemail answers our landline and answers calls from people using other carriers.  All resets have been done. Ticket in with Tech support - no help yet.  We can only get to our voicemails through the app can't call in.  Anyone else?


Boost Care


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2 m ago

Hello! Thank you for reaching out to us! We will be happy to assist you if you still need help with this situation! Please reach back out to us here. We can also be reached at 1-866-402-7366 or by chat on boostmobile.com.