Wed, Nov 3, 2021 6:07 AM

so i got the 5G SIM card ..

i had gotten a text that 3G would not be supported soon, so i moved forward with a 5G SIM card; however, i'm not quite sure how it works. i do not plan to change to another phone or anything, but the only options are if i am going to switch in order to active it or whatever. can i just switch out the old SIM card just like that or are there specific steps? i don't have any data right now and it has been over a day. 

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2 m ago

Once you have their 5G Sim Card you are supposed to call them at (833) 630-2667 and have them change your sim card number on their system. They will ask for your phone number, account pin, MEID or IMEI numbers, so try and get them while your phone is still working with your old sim card.